Best men hairstyles – a good hairstyle from a good Mayfair barber has the power to make you look dashing and impressive by accentuating your best features. With that said, let us also acknowledge that a bad hairstyle – or haircut for that matter, can do quite the opposite. YouContinue Reading

0% Post Content Introduction   Whether you walk for leisure or as an activity to keep you feeling fit and healthy, you are going to need something on your feet that provides you with support and comfort. The correct shoe will prevent you from slipping on uneven terrain and preventContinue Reading

Brad Pitt likes to change up his hairstyle. There’s been some questionable choices (his long Troy hair, for one) but on the whole he gets it right. One thing about Brad Pitt is that he always makes his style look effortless. He’s had some bold hairstyles over the years, butContinue Reading

Expressing your emotions and feeling doesn’t make you weak. Sadly, the case lies different for men and boys out there. In societies that expect you to be “tough” and “strong” to be masculine enough, one topic that’s always swept under the carpet is mental health. Let’s spare some time toContinue Reading

From the man bun to a shaved head, David Beckham has been on quite the hair adventure! Some looks should stay firmly in the archives (those braids, really David?!)  but the world’s most famous footballer deserves a medal for services to hairstyles. He’s not afraid to take a risk –Continue Reading

Justin Bieber is no stranger to changing his hairstyle – he’s gone for every look including 80s bleach blonde and moustache, various undercut iterations, several buzz cuts, and recently dreads. Although he does wear a lot of hats, his hair is clearly an important part of his image. It’s fairContinue Reading

Zayn Malik loves to mix things up with his hairstyle – and not just the cuts he goes for, but the colour too. He’s a real hair chameleon. From bleach blonde to blue, to a lot of hues in between too, Zayn isn’t afraid to try something new. Some thingsContinue Reading

0% Post Content Introduction If you enjoy spending your weekends or afternoons kayaking, hiking, biking, or backpacking, you may find that you end up with your feet in the water or at the very least getting rather sweaty. If you enjoy outdoor activities, you will also know that wet socks are uncomfortable and cause blisters and chafing. Ouch! SoContinue Reading

Pall Mall Barbers – Your Best Midtown Barber NYC Are you looking for a basic haircutting service or an exceptional grooming experience from Midtown barbers? The former would give you a haircut alright, but the latter would elevate you in confidence, style, and self-esteem. Yes, we know what you haveContinue Reading