0% Post Content Introduction The perfect pair of work pants should be durable, stylish, and well-made. A pair that is hardly enough to get you through a strenuous workday without causing you discomfort and that won’t end up wrinkled and creased. Unfortunately, not every set of work pants you encounter will offer you this.  AContinue Reading

0% Post Content Introduction If you suffer from poor blood circulation, plantar fasciitis, spider veins, varicose veins, or shin splints, then chances are you need a pair of graduated compression socks.  Compression socks work by assisting the vascular system to improve blood flow through the lower legs and feet and back to the heart. This improved blood flow prevents blood clots and helps to supplyContinue Reading

0% Post Content Introduction   When it comes to thinning hair, Alopecia, or male pattern baldness, there are a few hair loss treatments to choose from to help alleviate the look of balding. While products like Rogaine and Minoxidil help stimulate new hair growth, they can take time (often up to six months) to produce results and usually come with a hostContinue Reading

Cristiano Ronaldo really likes to play the field when it comes to his hairstyles (pun, intended). He’s had a comb over, blonde highlights, shaved designs, pompadour-inspired styles, hard parts, razor lines… the list goes on! The Portuguese footballer is a fan of a gelled wet look and spikes – we’dContinue Reading