0% Post Content Introduction Men who include shaving and tweezing in their morning routine will tell you that getting these grooming aspects done in the shower makes life so much simpler. For one, there is no hair left to tidy up, making the self-care process that much more efficient. But how do you seeContinue Reading

If you’re a man in the market for a new barber, it’s important to know what to expect when walking into a barber shop in London While many people have been going to the same barber for years, there are others who may feel apprehensive about going somewhere they’ve never beenContinue Reading

If you have booked a consultation session with Pall Mall Barbers before, you would know that our barbers take the face shape of a client very seriously to recommend the best hairstyles for them. After all, the best haircut or hairstyle accentuates your best features well to bring out yourContinue Reading

0% Post Content Pros Uses all-natural products free from chemicals and preservatives Comes in 18 unique scents Dr. Squatch offers a Satisfaction Guarantee on all products Cons The products are pricey The other products come in a limited selection Men’s grooming products, especially those made with all-natural ingredients, are fast gaining popularity.Continue Reading

0% Post Content Introduction When you think of men’s dress for a black-tie event, chances are you’re picturing a tuxedo suit, or if it is an exceptionally formal event, you may even be considering a coat and tails.  But if neither of those options appeals to you, you’re in luck. Men’s fashion has expanded over the yearsContinue Reading