Everyone’s grooming routine is different. Saying that, there is definitely a correct order in which to complete your men’s skincare and hair care routine in the morning. I’ve listed the exact order of my daily grooming routine, so you can see how it works and what type of products I like toContinue Reading

We are so lucky to be living at a time where we – as men – have so many choices in grooming and skincare. But with choice comes decision making… and that’s where the problem lies. Where to start? I’m really pleased to be able to bring you a simpleContinue Reading

Okay, so lockdown and socially distanced living has made shooting Street Styled slightly difficult. So, I thought I’d take a look back at some of my favourite looks from the series. If you’re new to it; in a nutshell, Street Styled sees me out onto the street to ask guysContinue Reading

In the past, the world of cosmetics had targeted mostly women, and men who needed a skincare solution ‘borrowed’ products from elsewhere. The results, of course, were less than satisfying. You might wonder ‘why’? After all, we all have pretty much the same dermis and epidermis. So, yes, while bothContinue Reading

Fragrance Categories Understanding fragrances can be confusing, as there are a number of defining fragrance families. Saying that, there are actually four main categories that all fragrances sit under; Floral, Oriental, Fresh and Woody. There are then fragrance subcategories which can then crossover with each other. The post Fragrance Categories andContinue Reading