0% Post Content Introduction Perhaps you are heading out on a camping trip and need a survival tool for additional protection. Or maybe you are a law enforcement official who needs a tool to help you break a car window to rescue a person in an automobile accident. A tactical device that is smallContinue Reading

0% Post Content Introduction When it comes to heading out on a date, attending a work function, or meeting friends for lunch over the weekend, there is nothing that quite completes a look like a vibrant and alluring cologne. But, with so many to choose from and so many varyingContinue Reading

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0% Post Content Introduction  When we think about accessories to smarten up a suit and tie, we often think about cufflinks or lapel pins. But, there are other ways to smarten up your look and show the world that you’re a dapper individual with an unrivaled sense of style and taste. How? WithContinue Reading

0% Post Content Introduction  Whether it’s the blazing summer sun or the wintery glare, chances are you’ve found your eyes streaming from the brightness. This is not a great experience at the best of times, and when you’re trying to drive somewhere, it’s even worse.  The best way to shieldContinue Reading