How To Stop Blackheads and Pores


What Are Blackheads and Pores? 

Pores refer to the small opening in the skin through which particles, such as oil and sweat, can pass.

Pores are actually hair follicles that can become clogged by too much sebum, making them expand and look bigger and can create a bump, called a ‘comedo’. In cases where these pores are open, the sebum, which is mixed with dead skin and deposits of skin pigmentation, reacts with air causing it to appear black. This black appearance is the reason why these sebum-clogged hair follicles are called blackheads.

They can appear in this form or as small lumps with a black top. Pores, however, appear as small holes on the skin. They may vary in size with some looking like small spots and others as very visible openings.

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