Boy De Chanel Men’s Makeup | New 2020 Launch


Luxury brand, Chanel, launched their first line of men’s makeup, Boy De Chanel, in 2018. On August 7th 2020, they are expanding this successful makeup collection with four new products. The Boy De Chanel range provides a great offering for guys looking to delve into the world of makeup and luxury skincare.

It’s still a taboo subject but it’s exciting to see a powerhouse prestige brand like Chanel invest in their male customers. The products are good (some great) and the packaging is next-level luxury.

That said, it would appear that shopping the Boy De Chanel range comes with a ‘man tax’. Comparing their 3-in-1 eye pencil to their Chanel Beauty equivalent, there is a £9 extra charge; and the £31 Boy De Chanel Le Vernis (nail varnish) is £9 more expensive than the Chanel Beauty equivalent.

But, if you’re shopping this range, you’re clearly a guy that wants to – or can – spend!

I’ve tested each one out to see what they do; how they do it; and if they’re worth your cash!

These four Boy De Chanel products will be available for purchase from 7th August. 

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