5 Niche Fragrances for Autumn 2021

Autumn is the perfect time to not only get creative with fashion but also with your fragrances. Once autumn comes around, you start bundling up, layering your clothing. The days then grow colder and before you know it, your entire wardrobe shifts from linen shirts to coats and jackets. 

The same can be said about the scents you wear. You want warmth to follow you around, so you opt for a perfume that has more depth and body. And sometimes, you try layering them on to achieve that effect.

We’re a fan of our high-end fashion brand perfumes, but niche names deserve the spotlight too. So we decided to put together a list of perfumes from non-mainstream brands that are going to make your fall even more special. (Warning: nothing in this list is inexpensive. They’re all on the more high-end side but are still worth their price tags.)

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